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Digital trading and sourcing platform for agriculture commodities

Agrosoko bridges the gap between fragmented farmers and buyers, creating reliable market linkages, simpler sourcing operations and trading opportunities.


Digital Trading & Sourcing Solution

Through our third party warehouses we assist buyer trading and sourcing of consolidated agriculture commodities from multiple farmers or commodity owners. Agrosoko enables individuals, businesses, institutions and associations interested in buying and selling for capital gain as well as processors looking to sourcing raw materials.


Warehouse Management System

We help agriculture commodity warehouse owners seamlessly manage and track commodity stock stored in their warehouses with a tailor made digital warehouse management system. 3rd party warehouse owners providing storage services to farmer or traders can monitor stock movement in and out their warehouses and track payments from clients.


Transaction Facilitation

We facilitate transactions between buyers, farmers and other stakeholders by handling payments for agriculture commodities, 3PLs fulfillment, regulatory compliance management and aggregation services.


Sustainable Developement Goals

No Poverty

We are building resilient farming communities by providing opportunities to generate sustainable income and growth while reducing the portion of population living below the poverty line.

Zero Hunger

Agrosoko ensures access to food produced by marginalized farmers acting as a rapid response tool for sourcing food while increasing productivity and income for farmers.

Decent Work

Agrosoko aims to deliver macro economic growth in Africa fueled by agriculture through a structured supply chain and continuous employment opportunities.

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